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Nepal Will Have To Wait For Outside Help


William R Collier Jr- The country of Nepal, where Mount Everest is located, has suffered a massive earthquake so large that loss of life has been reported also in norther India and eveen Bangladesh. The massive 7.9 quake, centered some 50 miles north of Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, has led to building collapses, larges cracks and holes in the earth, and such violent shaking that scores are now feared dead. Owing to its isolated location, Nepal will have to wait for outside help to arrive for some time.

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The Secret Source For Iran’s Nuclear Program

William R Collier JR- The ability to efficiently find, mine, and process uranium for nuclear fuel is a feat of technical know-how that few governments possess. While Russia has access to all the uranium it can use from Kazakhstan, their technical know-how has always lagged behind the West. As the chief supplier of semi-processed uranium to Iran, Russia had, prior to 2013, little access to the highest technology and latest techniques for finding, mining, and process uranium. That has changed and Iran has a new secret weapon in its nuclear program.
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How Will Nigeria’s New President Govern?

By Bill Collier- The winner of the March 31, 2015 Presidential election in Nigeria was Muhammed Buhari, a 72 year old former President who, while a coup participant in 1966 and 1975 and a coup leader in 1983, claims to have become “a convert to democracy.” His last stint as President, from 1983 to 1985, was as a direct result of a military coup, not an election. Continue reading How Will Nigeria’s New President Govern?