Salafist Forces Square Off In Iraq

The sidelining of the more moderate Sunni tribes, who are not Salafist, by the Iraqi government has taken sinister form as Sunni leaders now accuse Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of deliberately letting Ramadi fall to the Sunni Salafist “Islamic State” in order to justify sending in the Iranian backed Shia Salafist militia groups under the Shia Salafist bannder of the Hashid Shaabi, or “Popular Mobilization Forces.” Continue reading Salafist Forces Square Off In Iraq

Cyber Terrorism- The Next Frontier In Lateral Warfare

By Mr Bill Collier- When most people think of cyber terrorism they imagine attacks that cripple infastructure or undermine financial markets. But just as terrorism in the flesh is going from mass scale to individual scale, with lone wolf attacks, the future of lateral warfare will involve using cyber warfare techniques to terrorize and destroy individuals. This kind of cyber warfare will be conducted by lone individuals, steeped in hacking skills, who randomly pick targets to virtually destroy, and most governments are too busy playing defense to prevent this from happening. Continue reading Cyber Terrorism- The Next Frontier In Lateral Warfare


Salafist fighters in Yemen- could these fighters be coming to the US?

By Mr Bill Collier- ISIS claims it has 71 fighters in the USA distributed in 15 states but names only Michigan, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, and California. The two suspected ISIS fighters killed during the attempted Garland, TX attack against a “free speech event” led by Geert Wilders and Pam Geller may be typical of the kinds of attacks planned. But security and terrorism experts are increasingly worried about what they describe as the presently open borders between the USA and Canada and the USA and Mexico. But are allegedly open borders the biggest threat?

Continue reading ISIS IN AMERICA?