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A Crisis Of Opposing Values In America

By By Bill Collier- The American political state is poised to potentially progress into a new era of tolerance or to roll back the clock of civilization to barbarism, depending on your view of the issue of gay marriage. As the US Supreme Court weighs the merits of a claim that allowing two people of the same sex to get married, the society itself is undergoing a crisis of opposing values that many feel will define what kind of society the political state will favor: a Christian society rooted in ancient traditions and values or a purely secular society that some fear will negatively sanction those traditions and values and that others believe will be enlightened and tolerant.
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Israel Election Will Squeeze Salafists

William Collier- Salafist militants in the Middle East will face a major squeeze thanks to the election results from Isreal’s March 17 election.

This victory by a hawkish Israeli leader, who is matched for his anti-Salafist hard line by the government’s of Egypt, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates, will put the squeeze on Salafist militants. It is widely known, for instance, that the Palestinian Arabs are largely led by militant Salafists. Moreover, these Pasletinian Arab Salafists have proven to be problematic in Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon and have helped fund and support nasceant, but suppressed, Salafist cells in the UAE. Fatah’s Mahmoud Abbas, for instance, often sounds “reasonable” when he speaks English but his Arabic rhetoric is pro-Salafist straight down the line, just as much as Hezbollah and Hamas. Fatah is even persuing a “war crimes” indictment of Israel’s Prime Minister, which makes any notion of negotiating peace with such an entity an absurdity. Continue reading Israel Election Will Squeeze Salafists

World Conflict Probabilities Increase

Bill Collier- The precipitous departure of the United States from commitments abroad, a process of unilateral disengagement, has many security experts concerned that prospects for conflict are increasing. Regardless of who wins the election in 2016, even if that person reverses the trend, the damage to America’s reputation as a reliable ally may be permanent. Continue reading World Conflict Probabilities Increase