Thinking Intelligently About Today’s News

News Scope is you digital news intelligence resource for the “news behind today’s news”, for original and professional analysis unencumbered by partisanship. For the intelligent, thoughtful reader, News Scope will provide you with a daily summary and brief analysis of global news coverage and periodic special reports. I am offering 120 early bird subscribers a HUGE deal for a whole year’s worth of news intelligence.

Our news reporting philosophy is based on the principles of military intelligence and is generally written in that language. Our analysts use the Delphi method and comb both open press reports and other deep web research methods and tools to discern connections, causes, and effects. The goal is to inform the reader enough so that the future is not inscrutible.

Premium subscriptions are $45 per month. For this price you will save many hours of time researching and combing through thousands of useless words and dozens of fluff filled news updates from the civilian media. News Scope is private, but we aspire to a higher standard for news reporting and both causal and predictive analysis than any civilian news media would attempt to achieve.

Our reports include confidence factors related to source accuracy and our overall confidence in the report as well as probability confidence for predictive analysis.

The serious minded reader who simply wants to be “in the know” without being distracted and overwhelmed with fluff will find that the monthly cost of $45 is well worth the savings in time. Is is also worth not experiencine the frustration caused by often inaccurate or ignorant news reports from civilian sources that are more concerned with traffic by link-bait nonsense than accurate news reporting.

This service will launch in April, so I am offering “early bird subscribers” a super deal- $95 for an ENTIRE YEAR! I am offering only 120 of these subscriptions. You can use a credit card and, even with interest, pay only $9.00 per month for a $45/month subscription!

What will you receive?

A daily tickler covering major world news with brief analysis and recaps of what was reported and any accuracy issues, of which we are certain there will be plenty.

A weekly sitrep on the top 3 major world crisis, we may rotate this as needed and we may include more than three. The reports will be brief, straightforward, and accurate.

A weekly editorial from myself on what I consider the top weekly news item of interest.

A monthly geopolitical news summary from the major regions and major powers in the world. This report will ensure that you know what is really happening all over the world.

Everything will be brief, concise, and to the point. There is no partisan slant or polemic. The language is intelligent and professional. We will not be including photos unless they are needed but we may add video updates from our news center for subscribers once we set that up.

To sign up, email and I will send you a Paypal link. I use Paypal for security and privacy reasons.

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